Hello Stability!

I’m obsessed with the Elevated Bird Dog exercise right now.  Pretty much any movement that helps me build shoulder and core stability is a total win.  So I started playing around with a few different versions and it’s like finding the holy grail of exercises that will deliver exactly what I need!

Today I bring you the Elevated Bird Dog with Marching Hands……


As you can see, I’m struggling through this.  A sign that my body is begging to be more stable! 

  • Set up in quadruped making sure to find that awesome neutral spine position 
  • Bring your hands in more narrow to start
  • Lift the knees off the ground just far enough to let a piece of paper fit underneath them
  • Begin by marching the hands out to a wider base then returning them to a starting position 
  • The goal is to maintain your starting position as the hands move.  You can put a golf club across your lower back to provide some great feedback!

Add this one to your next workout trying to stay in it for 20 seconds with good form.  It works great to activate the body as a warm up or to finish off a killer workout.  Either way, do it!


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