Warm Up Wednesday: Step, Squat, Extend

Keeping with the theme from Monday Rehab of combining multiple movements, today I’m going to show you a great warm up exercise that does the same!

This one focuses on opening up the pelvis and hips, stabilizing the shoulders, thoracic extension, dorsiflexion, and all around deep squat awesomeness!  And there are so many ways to take this one to a whole new level by adding in a pushup, downward facing dog or even a quick shoulder tap to make that core fire even harder.

  • Start from a solid Pushup position, wrists under shoulders, spine in a neutral position
  • Bring one foot forward to the outside of your hand
  • Once that feels stable, bring the other leg up to the same position on the other side
  • Sit into the hips and extend your chest to the ceiling
  • Alternate reaching one arm above your head at a time making sure to only go as far as your body allows
  • Place the hands back down between the feet and slowly make your way back to Pushup position
  • Make sure to alternate which leg you start with to initiate the exercise!

One word of caution, if you are lacking in the deep squat department, this one requires some regression.  You can bring the legs halfway up and then rock back into more of a 90 degree squat.  But, if this position feels impossible, please seek out some help to make it possible!

Do 10 of these as part of your next warm up and your body will be feeling all sorts of goodness when you start your workout!


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