Push and Pull

One of my favorite workouts is to drop the reps down or pushup myself to do as many reps as possible.  So today I bring you a few push/pull combos that I use to get the arms shaking!

Here’s how it works……..You will do 4 sets of each combo.  The only rule, make sure you leave 2 reps in the tank.  That means that when you complete the exercise, your form needs to be on point, not compromising other aspects in order to achieve the desired reps.  Once you complete each section, throw in 2 minutes of jump rope or even a quick 4 minute traditional tabata.  Check out the video for demos of each exercise, I sped it up so make sure to complete each one at a normal pace!

1a.  Dumbbell Chest Press, stability ball bridge 6-8 reps

1b.  Assisted Pullups, as many as you can do!

2a.  Pushups on the Incline, as many as you can do again

2b.  High Pull with a band, 20 reps

3a.  Landmine Squat to Press 8-10 reps

3b.  Bulgarian Split Squat 8-10 reps each side

Happy shaking muscles!


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