A quick hip fix

Want to know one of my favorite ways to work on hip stability and mobility at the same time?   This little ditty is challenging and very effective at getting all the muscles around the pelvis moving their best!

The first priority is to work on sitting in the starting position.  Make two 90 degree angles with your legs focusing on getting the knees to touch the ground and sitting tall.  If you need to put your hand on the ground to stay upright, that’s totally fine.  The goal though is to build enough strength and stability, as well as mobility to sit freely without assistance.

This hip sequence has four parts:

  • Back hip external rotation
  • Reach and free fall to the forward leg
  • Alternating positions
  • Alternating positions, hip thrust and step through

Be sure to take your time and own each movement before moving onto the next.  Speed is not important when it comes to mastering this, it’s all about control!!

Have fun!


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