My Favorite Kettlebell Moves

I have been loving kettlebells as of late, thanks mostly to Jen Sinkler who put together an amazing 30 days of kettlebell workouts that have been kicking my butt!  So today I wanted to bring you a few of my favorite moves that get the heart rate up and get the muscles shaking.

First, a Kettlebell Clean.  This move just feels awesome to me.  I can feel myself utilizing the ground to power the kettlebell up and the quick grip change at the top triggers all those stabilizers in my shoulders to get excited!

Next, one of the greatest dance moves of all time, the lawnmower.  Don’t lie, you have found yourself doing this one when no one is looking.  Add a kettlebell to your hand and it magically becomes a great way to work on developing strength in the upper back.  I also like loading my torso over the forward leg, it puts a lot of force into that glute and challenges the balance.

Jumping over a kettlebell is just as fun as swinging them.  I added a lateral jump into the mix to balance out the sagittal movements.  The goal is to drive your leg up to help create force from the ground.  Once you take off, focus on landing soft and stabilizing the body.  Once you regain your balance, fire right back to the other side.

And finally, an exercise that will challenge your core strength, shoulder stability and t-spine rotation.  The goal is to keep the spine neutral while completing the motion.  If you can find a cute dog to hang out while you’re doing this one, even better!

Happy Masters Thursday!


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