Hit those shoulders as hard as you stinkin’ can!

Ok, I’m just going to say it.  If I see one more person grab some tubing and bust out those classic internal/external shoulder exercises, it might be time for me to pull a Roadhouse, Peter Griffin style……


Shoulder “issues” are one of the most common complaints we see in our office.  And for some reason, those tubing exercises seem to be the go to protocol.  But the question I always ask is, when on earth do you find yourself doing anything during the day with your elbow pinned to your side?  And, just because the shoulder hurts, does that automatically mean it’s a rotator cuff injury?

Assessments are your best friend when it comes to the shoulder, and one of most important variables to address is whether the problem is coming from instability or an actual joint integrity issue.  This is where having resident doctors in my office comes in handy!  The last thing I want to do is work on mobilizing a joint that doesn’t need it or may have a structural reason preventing the movement.  My bread and butter is a joint that needs stability and support!

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you some of the most life changing shoulder exercises one earth.  Before you watch though, make sure to do a search for the name Tom House.  He is the man behind these movements, and a genius!  I was fortunate enough to learn these exercises directly from him about 8 years ago.  And thanks to him, a lifetime of shoulder instability problems disappeared!

All I can say about them is watch and keep an open mind.  They may seem crazy, but in Tom’s own words “don’t ask questions, they just stinkin’ work!”

  • Saws: Thumbs up, palms down, palms up
  • Bicep Punches: Thumbs down, neutral, up
  • Rib Cage Pin: Palms up, Palms down
  • Prayer Presses (Push as hard as you can!)
  • Travoltas

This is just a small……very small sampling of his exercises!  The entire up extremity routine takes me close to 30 minutes to get through and will leave you feeling like a noodle.  But that range of motion and control that you can gain in your shoulders through this is amazing!

Give it a try!


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