100 Kicks a day!

This entire month, everyone in our office is taking on the challenge of doing 100 kicks every day.  Any missed days are worth $1 in the pot……although we are considering increasing that amount after the first week to add some pressure!

We normally do Taekwondo once a week, but when golf season comes around it seems like once a month becomes the norm.  But this year we are all dedicated to continuing to kick and improve our martial arts practice.

Although we call in Ninjagolf, martial arts has become a staple in our office.  There are so many benefits from training the body and the mind in this manner.  Patience is the biggest key, particularly when you are learning a new skill as an adult.  Plus, kicking requires a large amount of stability, mobility, flexibility and coordination.  Spinning while firing out a kick is really hard!  It makes swinging a golf club feel like a breeze.

Here’s a little fast forward look at #100kicksaday!

My challenge this week, continuing to do 100 kicks while playing in a tournament!  Be on the lookout for some videos from Boise, I’m headed there tomorrow for the PNGA Cup.

Go Team Washington!


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