Some Wednesday Motivation

It was a long day of travel, golf and sunburns…….ouch.  I’m sitting here exhausted more from having too much sun then anything else, watching Gilmore Girls of course and reflecting on what I felt on the course today.

This past August was my last competitive round, and I walked away from it at a loss.  Thankfully in the months to follow I was able to reflect and move forward, but today for a bit I felt like I went back in time.  Nerves in my hands, heaviness in the chest and apprehension.  Instead of fighting these feelings today like I did this past fall, I instead worked on acknowledging them and replacing with positives.

Today was also a reminder that golf will not define me.

With these thoughts in mind, it was fitting that Dr. Bhrett McCabe posted this:

“Your purpose in life isn’t determined or defined by what you do or a job description but rather by the nature you impact those around you.”

Tomorrow’s goals:  To play with gratitude and a light heart.  To embrace every feeling that I experience and appreciate that I get the opportunity to have that adrenaline flowing.  To look up at the beautiful blue sky and take deep breathes, one step at a time.

Until tomorrow……



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