Kettlebells and Kicks

Just dropping off a late night workout for you all that includes two of my favorite exercises…..Kettlebells and Kicking!

  • The alternating Kettlebell presses are surprisingly difficult.  Make sure to pick a weight that allows you to keep the core engaged, it’s easy to lean into the lower back with these but you actually want to feel you rib cage slightly pulled down.
  • Cleans are my favorite exercise right now, I love the feeling of driving from the ground to power the Kettlebell so that it almost floats for a second.
  • Snatches are my nemesis, long arms and unstable scapula make them annoying but completely necessary.  Jen Sinkler’s tip of feeling like you have a T Rex arm as you propel the weight up helps a ton!
  • The pull thru has basically replaced the plank for me, just do them because they work.
  • And of course some kicks to finish, rapid fire like Chuck Norris! 


Warm Up Wednesday coming at you tomorrow!


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