Warm Up Wednesday: So easy you can do these in your jeans!

Today I’m sharing with you a few of my go to warm up exercises for both the gym and the golf course (although these are a little tough to do on the actual course).  The nice part with both of these is that they address several areas of mobility and stability at the same time.  And anytime you can streamline a warm up, I’m all for it!

First up is the Frog Sit Back:

  • Start in a standard plank/pushup position, wrists under shoulders, glutes engaged and spine neutral
  • Begin by pushing your hands into the ground slowing taking small steps backwards
  • Keep pushing until you end up in a frog leg position similar to a deep squat
  • Hold this for a few seconds and then walk yourself back to the starting position

What is great with this exercise is that it fires up some shoulder stability and engages the abs.  While that is going on, it challenges the pelvis and hips as you sit back helping to open up the lower body.  So basically this is a primer exercise for everything you want to do in the gym!

Next on the docket, Warrior Rotations:

  • Begin in that same awesome plank/pushup position
  • Pull one foot up to the outside of your hand
  • Once you are in this position, squeeze the opposite glute and lengthen by pushing your heel towards the ground
  • Next up is the rotation, you will turn into the forward leg
  • Start your rotation by moving the sternum first, also letting your eyes and head follow the movement
  • Reach for the ceiling making sure your arm stays lined up with the torso

Just like the frogs, this is a great exercise for opening up the hips but with the added bonus of addressing the thoracic spine.

Start by doing 10-15 reps of each exercise!

If you get really adventurous, you can even combine these two exercises by doing one Frog Sit Back and then the Warrior Rotation.

Have fun, hope you enjoyed the sun today!



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