Some Monday Circuit Fun!

This is a workout I put together earlier this year aimed at hitting the body with exercises that carry a lot of bang for their buck and splitting them up with some great intervals.

Here is the basic set up:

  • Pushups: As many as you can do with good form
  • Alternating Rope Slams:  Go crazy for 20 seconds
  • Landmine Squat to Press: 15 reps, adjust the weight accordingly
  • Squat Press Rotate and Throw:  10 Total
  • Pullups: As many as you can do
  • Overhead Slam Down:  10 Total
  • Pallof Press Half Kneeling: 10 each side
  • Superman Punches:  10 Total

Run through this list 3-4 times and the sweat will be flying!

See you tomorrow!


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