Monday Rehab: Isn’t Golf Supposed to be Fun?

On this week’s Monday Rehab, we’re fixing an issue that plagues every golfer I work with……how on earth do you make golf fun again? 

Yes, there are tons of us out there playing this ridiculous game and not enjoying it.  How can this be?  Since when do people do things they don’t like over and over again?  

Golf for some reasons is one of those addictive sports where we torture ourselves day after day on a quest to achieve perfection.  Does this scenario sounds familiar:  You head to the range with a bucket full of balls locked and loaded for a full on practice session.  Swing after swing doesn’t produce what you are looking for, so you try something different with each one hoping for that one glorious strike!  At the end of your session you’ve hit 100 balls, and if you’re lucky, 10 of them were successful.  That means you hit 90 shots you didn’t like.  

You walk away feeling defeated and still searching for answers, only to carry this onto the course.  

I am so guilty of this!! And it only leads to misery.  So what’s the solution for turning this around?  Turn your round of golf into a fun match!


I took a break from beating myself up on the course and the range and challenged my husband to a 9 hole match.  To make it a challenge, I let him have 7 shots!  We laughed, took funny videos and played for BBQ Nachos.  A perfect way to flip my negative mind frame and focus on just making birdies since my hubby was playing lights out!  ​

Next time you head to the course, put something on the line and mix it up!  If you’re not laughing and smiling, you’re not playing golf!


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