Some thoughts on Ground Force

The ground:  I train everyday to use it, but how the heck does one translate it into a golf swing?  That is the question of the day!

This afternoon I set out to play some golf at my old stomping grounds, Carnation Golf Course.  I threw the peg in the ground and swung away, only the have the ball go sailing off low and little left.  Next hole, it goes wide right.  I will spare you the expletives, but this stuff is driving me nuts lately!

My coach and I worked through why this has been happening last month, but my big struggle is translating it to the golf course.  So I started thinking back on a session I had a few weeks back where I was smashing it.  Before each shot, I would rehearse an abbreviated swing focusing on moving my torso through the ball.  It didn’t occur to me until today, that when I rehearse that move, my feet are driving hard into the ground.  However, lately I have had no awareness of that at all!

My first inclination was to push into the ground as I started the downswing, then I thought about pushing my right foot down harder to start the swing and the left to transition.  Way too many thoughts!!  But this is the reality of golf.  We are constantly looking for that one key that triggers a perfect shot.  Each swing we change our focus making it even more difficult to replicate a confident swing.

What’s the solution?  And how do I best utilize the ground?  If I am working on these elements in they gym, shouldn’t it just translate to my swing or do I have to recreate it?

I wish I had the answers to these questions tonight, but I don’t.  This week I will be seeking out the answers though and sharing with you all some of the drills and workouts I will be doing to get a grip, literally!


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