Punching my way to a better golf swing

Yesterday I shared some thoughts on ground force after having the realization that I was not utilizing it in my golf swing despite training it constantly!  This left me thinking about the best route to bridging the gap between my workouts and my golf swing.

Then a light bulb went off as I completed my daily punches for our June challenge.  In order to throw a fast, powerful punch, you have to drive from the ground!  So I slipped my shoes off to better feel my weight shift and worked on loading into my legs and then driving all that power into a punch!

Here are 4 sequences I did that got the job done:

  • Cross Punch:  Set up with a staggered stance, ready to punch across your body.  As you begin throwing the punches, begin to notice how your weight is shifting, and how much you are leveraging from the ground to create power.
  • Alternating Punches:  Set up square this time, an arms length away from your target.  Start with one arm on the pad, and the other near your rib cage.  As you begin to alternate the punches, feel how your feet have to grip the ground in order to create speed.
  • Jab/Cross:  I love using this sequence because it also triggers your torso to pull in order to transfer power forward.  Try loading down into the back leg each time you punch across your body.
  • The Elbow:  Just like the Cross Punch, you’re going to load the same way.  However, using the elbow will help you better feel your torso and hips drive through the rotation.

It’s great to have a target to hit, but definitely not necessary.  In fact, I find that I punch even harder without the target!

Add these in between exercises as a great supplement that will get the heart rate up or as a finisher.  See how many punches you can throw in a row before gassing out!

See you all tomorrow!


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