Revisiting the power of the Pelvic Tilt

The theme of the day at my office was Pelvic Tilts! It’s amazing how such a small motion has so much power in it.  But today I had to revisit it with multiple clients who had stopped doing them because they felt it was too easy.

I thought this was such an interesting thought process, if an exercise becomes easy or simple, does that mean it has no more merit?

When it comes to the power of the pelvis, I will argue that it is essential to be diligent in reinforcing not only the range of motion, but also the ability to stabilize it.  I’ve been talking the past few days about the importance of using ground force.  Well, the pelvis is what helps transfer all that force out to the golf ball.  When you transition into the downswing, the hips drive towards the ball extending the hips and activating the glutes.  When the glutes fire, the cause the pelvis to do a slight posterior tilt.  As that action happens, the rest of the body transitions and all the power heads out the torso to the arms, club and to the ball.  Think about if you wanted to throw a heavy ball across the room, what would you do to get the most distance?  You would first load down into the legs and then transfer that power back up to the arms.  This is the golf swing!

Without the pelvis working properly though, the efficiency of this motion is lost.  The end result is the lower back or hamstrings firing and a huge loss of posture, or even worse, back pain!

So yes, Pelvic Tilts are important!  Even if they begin to feel trivial, revisiting them on a regular basis both in supine, quadruped and in golf posture with help reinforce.  Here is a post I did earlier this year on how to find neutral spine and a little more on the power of the pelvis!

See you all tomorrow!


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