Warm Up Wednesday: Squat and Kick

Efficiency is everything when it comes to warming up, so any exercise that increases your heart rate, works stability and mobility, engages the ground and adds a little empowerment is a win!

Today I bring you a squat and kicking combo we use for TKD, but I like sneaking it into my golf warm ups as well.  Simple, to the point and no equipment needed!

Squat and Kick

​​A few keys:

  • Posture is everything here, I like keeping my eyes focused forward to prevent too much bending forward
  • Let the arms reach in front of you to counter balance
  • Stay in a range of motion comfortable for your body
  • Once you hit the bottom range, drove through the feet to power back up using the glutes 
  • As you reach the top range allow the momentum to help power your knee upward into what we call a chamber position
  • From there you can extend the leg out as if your snapping it
  • Return the heel right back in and place your foot on the ground
  • Limit pausing between each side, you want to feel like the exercise flows together 
  • Start with 20 reps

There you have it demoed by Master Sese himself!  (I pulled a hammy today so he was nice enough to be in the video)

Have a great night!


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