A fun plank variation to finish your workout

Remember that song and dance from Kindergarten, “head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!”.  Well, today’s plank variation is using a little inspiration from that song to sequence through a focus on shoulder stability as well as hip mobility.

  • Start with a solid plank position, neutral spine and wrists under shoulders.  I like having the feeling of my chest extending slightly forward and my glutes engaged as well
  • The goal of the first 4 moves is to keep your lower body stable
  • Start by tapping your head with each hand, and then each shoulder
  • Next bring each knee across to the opposite elbow
  • And finally tap your foot to the outside of your body
  • Repeat this sequence 10 times and then rest
  • Keep your focus on stability keeping the lower body in place when you move the upper, and the upper in place when you move the lower
  • Hopefully you don’t end up with that song in your head afterwards!!

Let me know how this one goes, it’s tough!


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