Monday Rehab: My life as an introvert

Lately I have been diving deeper into the subject of introverts, understanding what it means for myself as one and also also how to better communicate with others that are not.

Being an introvert has been one of the biggest struggles of my life, mostly because my behavior is always taken the wrong way.  It’s incredibly tough being that person that has to withdraw from social activities only to have those around you thinking you’re a party pooper.  I’m also someone who goes into deep thought, to the point of blocking out everything and every noise around me.  That means if you walk by or say something to me, chances are I have no clue.  Because of this, I often am mistaken as being withdrawn, rude and anti-social.

The truth is that there is only a certain amount of interaction an introvert is capable of handling.  I learned this lesson this past Friday.  My job requires me to be extroverted and it takes a lot of me to bring out that side.  However, when I am comfortable with those around me, it’s much easier.  I spent the morning working from 6am to 12pm without a break and having tons of personalities come through the workout room.  My last session was 3 10 year olds, and as I worked with them I could feel myself hit my limit.  The second they exited, all I could think of doing was running to my car, putting on music and exiting out from the world for a few hours.

Slowly I am learning to schedule that time into my days.  I can go about 4 hours straight and then need to be alone for a bit.  Even taking just 15 minutes to myself can recharge my mind and make me feel more focused and capable of handling people.

I found a great article today on Psychology Today that discusses what life is like for someone navigating it as an introvert.  One of the books they talk about is “Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”.  I just ordered it today and can’t wait to dive into it!

Anyone else out there struggling with being introverted?  I would love hear how you cope and what you have learned over the years that has helped those around you better understand.

Happy Monday Everyone!



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