More lessons from kicking a ton!

I haven’t posted about our kicking challenge in a while, but let me confirm that yes it is going strong and only getting more difficult!  It’s amazing how just changing it to where half of the 200 kicks need to involve a spin or a jump magically gets the heart rate pumping through the roof.

This week’s lesson from all this kicking madness relates to golf tournament preparation.  I’m headed into the final few days of what will potentially be 8 rounds of golf in a week so that makes it even more important to make sure my body is functioning at it’s best.  One of those keys is taking care of my lungs.  Both of the courses I will be playing this next week have a lot of hills and the last thing you want is to be sucking wind right before you hit a shot.  These kicks are working as a perfect way to increase my heart rate but also fit in some quick intervals.

Everyday this week I am squeezing in about 10 minutes of interval work with these kicks and my lungs feel better each time.  I can’t wait to get on the final stretch of West Seattle Golf Course this weekend to see how I feel.  The real test will be continuing to keep up the kicks each day of the tournament, my plan right now is to use the as part of my warm up!

See you all tomorrow with a new version of the first tee warm up!


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