Warm Up Wednesday: Activate that core!

I get this questions a lot: “If you could choose one exercise to engage your core before a round of golf, what would it be?”

Leg Drops!!

The single greatest exercise of the century guaranteed to get the body firing on all cylinders and ready to hit the golf ball a mile!

Some keys to success:

  • The version of this exercise I am doing in the video is the advanced.  There are a few modifications you can make if you’re unable to maintain stability with this one.
  • Begin on your back with your feet pointed up towards the ceiling, toes pulled towards your shins.
  • Let one leg slowly drop towards the ground.
  • As that leg is dropping, actively pull the other leg back towards you engaging the lower abs.
  • Only allow the leg to drop as far as your can keep your lower back in the starting position.
  • If you need some assistance, place your arms by your side and push your hands into the ground.  This helps create a higher level of stability throughout the body.
  • The slower your go, the better!
  • Start with 10 reps, rest for 30 seconds and go for round 2.

This is obviously a difficult exercise to do at the golf course, but you could absolutely do it before leaving the house.  And many courses have a locker room where you could technically add this one in to your pre golf routine.  Even if you don’t use it in your warm up though, this is a phenomenal exercise to add into your regular workout routine.

Let me know how it goes!


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