Warm Up Wednesday: A little agility goes a long way

When it comes to warming up whether for a workout or round of golf, never underestimate the power of some good old fashion footwork.  I’m talking running, skipping, shuffling, crossover steps, high knees, butt kicks and anything that involves a ladder!

The key is with all of these exercises is precision and working every plane of motion.  You want to stay as light on your feet as possible or what we call in our office, ninja style!

Here is a sample:

  • Run forward/backward 10x
  • Skip forward/backward 10x
  • Shuffle laterally 5x
  • Crossover steps 5x

It’s really that simple, get back to what you did when you were a kid!  Now if you can combine some specific corrective and activation work specific to what you need, you’re going to be ready for anything.

More glutes coming at you tomorrow as we hit day 3 of the August Challenge, see you then!


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