Stop everything and listen to this…..

It is my favorite podcast that Dr. Bhrett McCabe has done.  I go back to it time and time again when I need a little kick in the butt or a reality check.  The opening line of it gets right to the point: “Your way of thinking sucks!”

I had the opportunity to share it with the SU Women’s team today and it opened up a wonderful conversation about how we really feel and think on the golf course.  It’s amazing how much you can learn from others.  I’ve never had the chance to listen to it with a group, and what I learned today is that everyone connects with something different or even catches something that I missed.  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by these awesome women who are so open to sharing their thoughts with each other.

So all I can say to end this work week is carve out 30 minutes this weekend and listen to this awesome podcast called “You are your own worst enemy”, you won’t regret it!


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