Neck Update

Today was another neck free workout day, hitting the legs hard without loading any weights. It’s forcing me into going back to basics, slowing down my repetitions and focusing on the keys of each exercise. Plus, without the weights I’m having to get creative in order to put some stress on the muscles. Here are a few of my favorite ways to accomplish this:

  • Add an extra half rep into the motion
  • Use slow eccentric reps
  • Follow up a leg exercise with a short burst of plyometrics ( ex. After doing static Lunges, so a set of jump lunges)
  • Embrace some isometrics! Hello Tom House lower body routine!
  • Do consecutive exercises on just one side (Reverse Lunge, one leg squat, One leg RDL, Step Ups)

Tomorrow is TKD day which will be a good break to work the legs and heart. See you then!


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