Storing emotions

It was one of those weekends that never seemed like a weekend. After working a few hours Saturday morning I️ started on a project that was 8 1/2 years in the making. That was basically when I put my former life (before Harry) and everything associated with my sweet horse Stehekin who passed away in a storage facility and have barely been there since. Honestly, it’s just easier to make a payment each month then deal with the pain behind the slide up door. But the time has come to move forward and I️ set a goal to be out of this space come year end.

I️ knew the most difficult part was going to be encountering all the blankets, brushes, name plates, halters and small reminders of 17 years spent with my best friend. Even just typing this out, I’m at a loss for words because my heart is still broken over her. But at the same time is was really comforting to see the snippets of hair I️ had saved and all the memories preserved. It would have been really easy to throw it all away but I’m thankful that I️ packed it all away. I️ really was the luckiest girl to have had a best friend in her and even more lucky that I️ get to see her spirit every day in her sister. Transporting so many of her items out to the barn today and making them officially part of Sandy’s world helped my heart feel more at ease.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of my storage facility, I️ still have quite the project in front of me as you can see by he car hanging out in there. But at least this weekend was a good start to it, I️ also tore apart my house and garage while I️ was at it (sorry Harry!).

See you tomorrow for a Monday Rehab!


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