Warm Up Wednesday: Meet the heated spikey ball!

There are a lot of tools out there that work great for massaging and releasing muscles. I️ always struggle finding one that I️ actually like and get some benefit from. So when I️ randomly found this spikey ball that you heat up in the microwave, I️ had to give it a try!

Yes it’s a heated spikey ball! After a few sessions with it, here’s what I️ can report:

  • Without heating it up, there is not a lot of give and it’s pretty aggressive
  • Once heated, it is much easier to use
  • The heat feels awesome and very therapeutic
  • This works perfect for doing some active release. For example, I️ had a knot between my shoulder blades and once I️ found that spot with the ball, I️ then moved through some ranges of motion with my arm to further work the muscle

I’m going to commit to using this everyday for the next week to see if I️ can make some progress on my neck issues, progress report next Wednesday!


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