More tabata fun!

Last week I shared a few ways to do tabata intervals that help make it easy to create a workout.  Lately I have been getting 4-5 strength and metabolic style workouts in throughout the week, but it’s nice having a day focused more on heart rate training.  Since my days of going for a run are long gone, and frankly not applicable to my current goals, I’m loving this style of interval training instead.

Here are two great options:

  • Kettlebell Clean/ Lateral Bounding
  • Controlled Mountain Climbers/ 180 Degree Jumps

Remember that a tabata is 20 seconds of hard work (supra maximal), followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times.  It usually takes me getting through the first round to get a sweat started and hit my stride.  I like picking 4 different combos and doing 4 tabatas consecutively with 1 minute of rest in-between.  Definitely rest as long as you need though before starting the next one!

Happy friday friends!


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