Let’s get that thoracic spine moving!

I’m always playing around with new ways to challenge my rotation, and lately I’ve been making some great progress with these 2 mobility drills!

The first one puts an active stretch on the adductors and pins the low back making it impossible to compensate.  The goal is to focus on moving from the chest moving in both directions as the video shows.  A word of caution with this one, it’s definitely for those of you who can handle this position with your knee.  If you are limited in your knee flexion, you can always try putting a pillow between your butt and leg to prop yourself up.

The second one challenges both hip stability and thoracic spine mobility.  The half kneeling position is great for so many things but mostly I love the focus it can bring to stabilizing the lower body.  Start by reaching the arms out and pulling the shoulder blades towards your back pockets.  Keep the arms the the same distance apart and let your chest do all the work.  I aim my sternum for my knee rotating into the leg.

Have fun with these!


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