Kicking off a week of thanks

I’m headed home after spending a couple days in Lake Tahoe with my parents and their two crazy Jack Russell Terriers. I wanted to share this photo tonight because this guy in particular has a special place in my heart and it had been 6 years since I last saw him.

Baker is a rescue dog we adopted in 2005. I pretty much fell in love with him and brought him home right away. Rescue dogs are always a little tough, especially Jack Russells. But this guy has the biggest heart and would run and jump into your arms! Now that he’s getting up there in age, the jumping has slowed down but the love is still there. It’s amazing how dogs remember, and from the second I walked in the door Friday, he never left my side. Waking up this morning with him cuddled up against me was just the best!

I’m sure I will get the business from Danno tonight when I return home since I have dog hair all over my clothes! But tonight I’m thankful for animals and their unconditional love.


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