Bottoms Up Kettlebell Grip to the Rescue

Yesterday I showed you a fun variation on the Thruster that involved flipping the kettlebells upside down to challenge your shoulder stability and grip strength.  Today I’m taking that same grip and adding it to a great hip mobility/stability exercise to create the ultimate exercise in activating the nervous system.

Meet the Bottoms up Step Thru to Standing!

Here are a few keys to success:

  • Start in a Tall Kneeling position making sure the knees, hips and shoulders are all stacked on each other.
  • Let the Kettlebells Swing forward to a catch position as you bring one leg in front of you to the 1/2 kneeling position.  As the leg comes forward, your goal is minimal weight shifting.
  • Once you are secure in this position and the kettlebells are balanced, feel the weight shift into your front foot and push it into the ground.  Drive downward to push yourself up to a one leg balanced position.  I like to pause here for a few seconds to make sure everything is stabilizing.
  • Slowly lower back down to 1/2 kneeling once again pausing for balance and then returning to tall kneeling.

This is a perfect exercise to do right before starting a strength and power workout, it will get everything firing on all cylinders!

Happy Friday!


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