Two of my favorite hip opening exercises

When it comes to doing any kind of big lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, lunge, clean, etc), it’s so important to make sure the pelvis is moving and the hips are prepped for the demand.  Beyond that, if you are someone that incorporates kettlebell swings or any kind of dynamic exercise that requires the hips toContinue reading “Two of my favorite hip opening exercises”

My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!

Yesterday I posted a gentle reminder about the importance of doing mobility and movement work as part of your fitness plan.  But what does that really mean?  Is it as simple as stretching or do you need to sign up for a dance class and start getting your twerk on? The answer is always complicatedContinue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!”

A little Sunday reminder…..

Yes, it’s annoying and boring, but if you’re not spending time working on your movement, then you’re not getting the most out of your other workouts.  Take a little time each day or before your workout to focus on your mobility whether you are doing exercises to increase it, improve the quality of it, orContinue reading “A little Sunday reminder…..”

Two great TKD drills that will help your golf swing

I’ve been incorporating martial arts into my fitness routine for 6 years now……when you marry a 6th degree blackbelt in TKD, you pretty much don’t have an option other than to learn!  Since golf has been my main sport most of my life, it has been fascinating learning a new skill.  And one of myContinue reading “Two great TKD drills that will help your golf swing”

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Grip to the Rescue

Yesterday I showed you a fun variation on the Thruster that involved flipping the kettlebells upside down to challenge your shoulder stability and grip strength.  Today I’m taking that same grip and adding it to a great hip mobility/stability exercise to create the ultimate exercise in activating the nervous system. Meet the Bottoms up StepContinue reading “Bottoms Up Kettlebell Grip to the Rescue”

A fun variation on a classic

The Squat to Press, also known sometimes as a Thruster, is one of the most simple and effective exercises out there.  Aside from it involving a squat, which puts mobility and stability to the test, it also requires the use of ground force to power the weights above your head. This week I tried addingContinue reading “A fun variation on a classic”

A few of my favorite band exercises

Bands are a great way to work in some resistance training when you are on the road and have no access to equipment.  I also really like them when I’m focusing on control and quality movement. Today I’m sharing a couple of my favorite variations of the Push and Pull.  The key here is simplicity.Continue reading “A few of my favorite band exercises”

Let’s get that thoracic spine moving!

I’m always playing around with new ways to challenge my rotation, and lately I’ve been making some great progress with these 2 mobility drills! The first one puts an active stretch on the adductors and pins the low back making it impossible to compensate.  The goal is to focus on moving from the chest movingContinue reading “Let’s get that thoracic spine moving!”

Monday Rehab: An exercise that targets everything!

I’m always a fan of exercises that challenge several areas of the body at once.  Especially when you are short on time, it’s nice to have some go to moves that will work get the muscles firing while asking for balance, stability, mobility and coordination.  Today I bring you an exercise that can be doneContinue reading “Monday Rehab: An exercise that targets everything!”