My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!

My Top 5 Favorite Exercises to Improve Your Movement!

Yesterday I posted a gentle reminder about the importance of doing mobility and movement work as part of your fitness plan.  But what does that really mean?  Is it as simple as stretching or do you need to sign up for a dance class and start getting your twerk on? The answer is always complicated [...]

Two great TKD drills that will help your golf swing

I've been incorporating martial arts into my fitness routine for 6 years now......when you marry a 6th degree blackbelt in TKD, you pretty much don't have an option other than to learn!  Since golf has been my main sport most of my life, it has been fascinating learning a new skill.  And one of my [...]

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Grip to the Rescue

Yesterday I showed you a fun variation on the Thruster that involved flipping the kettlebells upside down to challenge your shoulder stability and grip strength.  Today I'm taking that same grip and adding it to a great hip mobility/stability exercise to create the ultimate exercise in activating the nervous system. Meet the Bottoms up Step [...]