A fun way to target shoulder stability

I am always on a continual mission to improve my shoulder complex.  When you have long arms, the need for stability I believe increases.  The longer the lever, to greater the force being applied and the great the need for proximal stability.  Stabilizing the shoulders is key to maintain the proper range of motion, but also plays a vital roll in supporting thoracic spine rotation.

This is an exercise I play around with regularly that brings in an added bonus of engaging the glutes!

The Shoulder and Hip Cone Walkover

  • Start with a golf ball balancing on something, a cone works great but you could use anything, just make sure it’s a doable to height.
  • Find a solid pushup position next to the cone and begin by crossing a foot underneath you resulting in the body flipping over.
  • Walk the hips over the cone making sure to maintain extension and really fire those glutes!
  • You will then walk back to your starting position.
  • To switch to the other side, get into an elevated quadruped position and move laterally maintaining neutral spine.
  • Repeat on the other side!

This is definitely a tough exercise so you may want to being with a much lower height and progress.  I love doing this one as part of my warm up to really engage my nervous system and get my mind into a focused place.

Hope you enjoy it!


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