Let’s Warm Up!

The weather is freezing right now, but let’s face it, not even mother nature can stop us from golfing!  When you live in the Northwest, this is just a way of life.  And this is where the problem begins.

Answer honestly……….do you warm up before you play golf?

Real talk:  I spend all day talking about the importance of preparing the body for activity, but I suck at doing the exercises myself.  When a tournament is going on, it’s a priority, but if it’s just a fun round, I am totally that person running to the first tee from the car.

But, one of my goals in the new year is to get better at warming up.  Especially when the weather is colder, spending that extra time to make sure everything is running on all cylinders is even more essential.

So today I’m bringing you a quick 5 minute solution that can be done on the first tee, no equipment needed other than a golf club.  Complete 10 reps of each exercise and you’re ready to go!

I guess this means we have no excuse now 🙂


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