Workout finisher, movement reinforcer for the win

What better way to finish off you workout and the week then with this sweet little move that will leave your quads shaking and baking!

One question I get a lot is: “how do I cool down from my workout?”

This is definitely a legit question, especially if you did something high intensity and the heart rate is up.  Or, what if your workout mostly consisted of exercises in the sagittal plane?  I’m always looking for ways to calm my mind and body after a tough workout, reinforce some good movement patterns and sometimes I like making the muscles hit some major fatigue……..this move gets the job done.

The idea is to start in a lunge position and transition between a lateral lunge and a superman move.  As you watch the video you will see me start with just the basic move and then slowly add in some t-spine rotation.  As always, form comes first so make sure you are executing this at a level your body is comfortable with.  Have fun!!


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