Moderate Intensity Cardio we still love you

In a world of intervals, HIIT and tabatas, there still lives the land of moderate intensity cardio.  Buy this I mean any workout that maintains a heart rate most likely somewhere between 120-135bpm.  Something like running, walking fast, biking, rollerblading, or in this case, lifting weights!  Yes, you can actually do a workout with some weights in your hands that accomplishes the same goals as running aimlessly on a cement sidewalk as your joints ache and moan at you.  Ok, I kid a little bit there because running absolutely has it’s merit.  But, imagine a life where you could actually lift weights in a way that elevates your heart rate and keeps you in the same zone as a run?  The bulging discs in my lower back are already jumping for joy over that thought!

Here is a great way to accomplish just this:

Meet the EMOTM (every minute on the minute) workout.

Minute 1: 10 Squats/10 Jump Squats

Minute 2:  8 Pushups/8 Rows

Minute 3:  15 KB Swings/10 Stability Taps

Repeat this 10 times starting each combo at the top of the minute!

I love the concept of achieving cardiovascular goals with weights in your hands.  My body personally just can’t take the wear and tear of running anymore, so I’m in a constant search for other options.  This is by far my favorite and works as a great recovery from an intense lifting day.  There really is no wrong way to do this either, you can select any number of exercises depending on what equipment you have available.  The goal is simply to maintain your heart rate in the sweet moderate zone.

Happy sweating friends!


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