The exercise I hate the most…..

I’ve written about it on here before, and I will keep saying it…..I hate burpees!  Over the years I have realized that it is almost impossible for people to do them correctly and the risk/reward just doesn’t add up.  Most importantly, as a golfer, the impact on the wrists definitely makes this exercise a no no.  But, there are times in life when you realize that the exercises you hate the most are sometimes the ones that you need to do.  Don’t get too excited, I’m not going to start pumping the burpees out regularly.  Instead I’m using this exercise as a challenge to create some new movements that provide a safe and effective platform for building stability and power at the same time.

So get ready, here is 3 and half minutes of burpee variations coming to you courtesy of 11 birdies made on Tuesday at the Long Beach State golf tournament.  I told the team I would do 5 burpees for every birdie, and they delivered!

Check them out!


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