One thing you can do to make practice rewarding

What if we all shifted our mind frame on practice days from working on our games to instead enhancing our current strengths?

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of feeling like your abilities are never good enough. Just today, I went out to play and was behind another single. I watched him miss hit his driver into the woods on the 4th hole and he walked straight back to the driving range. So many of us practice for hours and then expect perfection on the course. One bad shot is met with us going back to the drawing board feeling that something must be wrong. This cycle day after day only leads to negative feelings and walking away from practice defeated.

Why not challenge yourself in a positive way and leave the course rewarded?

This past week I started a new ritual, in order for my practice sessions to be over, I have to make 10 up and downs from various places around the green.

Sounds simple, but it’s just annoying enough to get me frustrated and put some pressure on my short game. It’s also an awesome feeling when you leave the course having accomplished your goal.

This same idea can be applied to so many aspects of the game, but I think the key is finding what you are best at and then setting a numerical goal to complete before you leave. Maybe 80 yard wedge shots are your forte. Tell yourself you have to land 10 shots inside of 10 feet of your target. Or, if the driver is your thing, pick fairway lines and shot shapes that have to be executed. The key here is taking what you feel confident about, and feeding it even more confidence!

The weather is supposed to be awesome tomorrow, it’s a great day to start this awesome drill!


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