Happy Monday

What are you doing to get this week kicked off the right way?

After sitting on my butt quite a bit this weekend watching The Masters, my body was in need of some sweat and some movement flows. So I set up a Kettlebell Circuit and went hard for 25 minutes, then finished with some breathing and stretching. Sorry to all of the anti static stretch people out there, I’m on bored with with you most of the time, but frankly it feels good to just hold positions and let the muscles relax occasionally.

My go to stretch is working on this straddle position (we need this for TKD). Thankfully I had a buddy helping me out today. And on a separate note, I hit the golf ball pretty darn well this afternoon after my morning session.

The lesson: there are a lot of recommendations, opinions and information out there, but at the end of the day all that matters is what YOUR body needs.

You do you!


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