Tuesday Thoughts on everyone Fat Shaming Patrick Reed

My blog tonight was inspired by a post I just saw regarding Patrick Reed’s win at the Masters this past weekend.  Originally, I wasn’t going to write about this because frankly I just don’t like diving into controversy, but this is a subject I feel pretty passionate about as a health and fitness provider.

Over the weekend I started noticing an increase in posts all aimed at peoples hatred for Patrick Reed.  What was interesting about the nature of these posts is that they all seemed to take aim at his weight.  The sad part is most of the posts and comments were from other golf fitness professionals.  And this just dumbfounds me.

Yes, Patrick Reed is a personality and has said some things over the years that have caused controversy.  And yes, there was a book written that documented some allegations of cheating in college.  This alone seems to make people dislike him, although I am from the school of giving people a second chance and not judging based off of 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th hand knowledge as most of this information seems to be.

Why attack his weight?

The post I saw today made a reference towards his green jacket looking “snug”.  But over the weekend I saw a constant stream of Instagram posts where people were calling him fat and various other names as they rooted against him.

I feel like these days we talk so much about fat shaming being aimed at women, but for some reason in the male dominated industry I work in, it somehow seems to be ok to fat shame men.  Maybe I’m naive, but nothing about this seems right.

Here is a person that just won one of the biggest tournaments in their entire life.  They have worked tirelessly and played 4 of the most brilliant days of golf many of us have ever seen.  This is truly one of the coolest sports moments to witness, especially with it being his first major championship win.  And all so many can say are rude comments about his size.

This makes me sad.

People come in all shapes, sizes, abilities and personalities.  Athletes do as well.  Particularly in the sport of golf it’s easy to see this as there is no consistent physical recipe that equals success.

Why can’t we all just be happy for someones success instead of cutting them down with personal attacks?  And how can you work in the health and fitness industry and judge someones weight?

To me, this is what it all comes down to.  Patrick Reed has made millions of dollars playing the sport he loves and excels at.  Fitness professionals can only dream of being able to make that kind of money in their career.  So perhaps it’s time for all of those who decided to make rude remarks to take a hard look at their life and ask themselves if they’re really happy.  Maybe seeing someone achieve success doing what they love makes them insecure or maybe they are just mean.  Whatever the case may be, if people could spend more time appreciating the successes of others instead of cutting them down, imagine how much happier everyone would be?  The fitness industry can be so frustrating sometimes and I think it’s important for those of us in it to have a softer shoulder.  It’s so easy to judge someone based on their appearance, but we have no clue where they have been or where they are headed.  Yes, sometimes we have to have the tough conversations with clients, but we are there to lift someone up and provide them with the tools to achieve their goals.

I would love to see my industry take a turn towards lifting people up instead of making people feel less than they are.

That’s all for now……


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