Good Enough

I saw this posted on Twitter today and it reminded me of a theme from Dr. Bhrett McCabe that I have been thinking about lately. “You’re good is good enough”.

On a week where I am taking a turn closer to 40, I’m choosing to focus on who I am right now and embracing my life. My good is good enough. When I set foot in the gym I’m spending my energy pushing myself with the exercises I love and can excel at instead of defeating myself with those my body says no to. That doesn’t mean I ignore the areas I need to shore up, but why spend an entire workout feeling defeated when I can walk away feeling empowered? The same goes for the golf course. I’m finding value in what I’m best at and no longer beating myself up for the things I wish for. Finding a balance between the quest to achieve goals and embracing who you currently are is a challenge. So each day I tell myself “you are good enough”. And you need to tell yourself the same!


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