A great way to challenge stability and mobility

It’s fun to do fancy exercises, but the only way to get to those is developing a solid base first.  Simplicity is the key to success in the gym in my opinion and when it comes to incorporating rotation, the simpler the better.

This is one of my go to exercises that will teach you how to stabilize the lower body while rotating your torso.  As an added bonus, by pressing the weights out once rotated, it increases the challenge to the core.

A few keys:

  • Make sure you have 2 90 degree angles with your legs
  • Prop up the knee on the floor to help level out your hips
  • You can lean a golf club up against the forward leg to give feedback on if the lower body is moving
  • Keep the weights in tight when you rotate and only go to a range of motion that allows you to stay stable in your lower body
  • Once there, press the weights out on the line of your torso
  • Bring them back in and return to the starting position
  • Start with 10 reps on each side
  • If this feels easy, try lifting the knee off the ground on each rep 🙂



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