Two of my favorite hip opening exercises

When it comes to doing any kind of big lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, lunge, clean, etc), it’s so important to make sure the pelvis is moving and the hips are prepped for the demand.  Beyond that, if you are someone that incorporates kettlebell swings or any kind of dynamic exercise that requires the hips to thrust forward, the ability of the pelvis to tilt in both the anterior and especially the posterior direction is essential.

I love incorporating these two exercises into my warm up to ensure my body is ready to go, but most importantly, it helps protect my back!

In the video, you will see me demo these two exercises:

*Pelvic Tilts in Half Kneeling

  • Make sure your legs are set up at 90 degree angles
  • Place a towel under the knee on the ground to help level the hips out
  • Pretend that your pelvis is a bucket of water and dump the water forward
  • Now reverse that and engage the glutes to dump the bucket behind you

*Active Hip Opener

  • Keep the down leg at a 90 degree angle
  • Set the other leg up so that the hip is open to a range of motion your body is comfortable with
  • Focus on feeling the glute push forward while the knee draws back
  • Slowly lean into the open leg until you feel a light stretch and then return to the starting position



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