If you struggle with Shoulder Stability….you need this exercise!

Where are my fellow crazy wild arm hypermobile golfers at?

Yes, I’m talking to all of you who feel like it doesn’t matter what you do, your arms are in a completely different planet when you swing the club.  And that means you’re constantly struggling with timing.  Always using your hands to square the face to no avail.  You swear that you’re trying to shorten your swing but every time you video yourself, it’s past parallel even though you could have sworn you only took a half swing.  Most days your arms just feel like that are in another time zone by the time you transition in your downswing so it’s either a massive push slice or you hit it left of left in an effort to make up for the lateness of the club.  Hi friend, welcome, you’re not alone.

Of course there are a ton of reasons why this goes on, but I’m going to share with you a few exercises tonight that I’ve incorporated more consistently into my workouts that are paying off big time in terms of gaining better control and connection with my arms.

The base position for both moves you’re going to see in the video has a few different names attached to it, but essentially all you are doing is just slightly elevating an all 4’s (horse stand, bear crawl, table top) position.  And by elevating I mean only lifting the knees off the ground enough that a piece of paper could fit under it.  So before you even attempt to do what I’m showing in the video, live and breathe in the starting position.  Try holding in for 10 seconds and work your way up.  Establish a base!

The true work that will help you build those beautiful strong and stable shoulders is when you get comfortable lifting one arm off the ground, but your position goes unchanged.  That means the spine stays neutral, knees remain the same height off the ground and most importantly, you stabilizing arm remains strong.  I like using the cue of feeling like you are pushing the ground away from you to bring an even higher level of stability to the table.  All I am doing with my free arm is working through my full shoulder range of motion while keeping everything intact.

The second part of the video I am working through some scapular circles while again maintaining that awesome elevated all 4’s position.

The power of this position is that it addresses a few items.  Most importantly, shoulder and scap stability.  If you’re going to try and address a swing that is out of control due to your arms, you need those two items!  It also will leave your abs burning which is a huge bonus because having better proximal stability will lead to better control of the limbs.  Not to mention your hips are working hard here as well, it’s a head to toe stabilizing exercise of goodness.

So basically stop what you are doing, and try out these exercises.  They can benefit everyone, but to all my fellow golfers who have been banging their heads against the wall trying to get control of the arms, these are for you friends!


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