Warm Up Wednesday: Golfletica Flow

I have become a huge fan of doing a flow series as part of my warm up over the past few years.  The beauty of a flow is that you can connect so many movements together and the end result is a body that feels activated and ready for anything.  Here are a few of the moves I use with my clients and myself.  You can run through each movement as many times as you want.  Since I only has a few minutes today, I just did reps of 3 but typically I do 8-10.  Of course you can take your time with these as well, I sped the video up so it looks like I’m going at warp speed!  Captain Kirk would be proud 🙂

  • Sit Backs
  • Down Dogs
  • Deep Lunge Rotation
  • Down Dog
  • 90/90 Alternating
  • 90/90 Alternating Free Falls
  • Cat and Dogs
  • Childs Pose

Give this a try before your next workout or round of golf, you’ll feel awesome!


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