A great way to work on your core stability and torso rotation

On a week like this when I will not be swinging very many golf clubs, but I have to keep my rotational patterns intact for my tournament next week, I’m always looking to incorporate a little more “golfish” in to my workouts.

As part of my warm up this morning I included this fun little exercise that seems simple in theory but has a huge payoff in what it brings to the table.

*The half kneeling position is an awesome way to challenge your balance, actively stretch the hip flexor, engage the glutes and establish a solid position in the pelvis.

*By using the med ball, it helps incorporate more scapular stability.  When you reach it away from the body your body has to respond by stabilizing to stay centered or else you will fall over.

*When you bring the ball back to center, stick it to your sternum as you rotate into the forward leg.  This helps emphasize rotating from the thoracic spine vs. using the shoulder blades to create the illusion of movement.

*This exercise would be a great addition to your warm up routine both in the gym and on the golf course!



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