Set a challenge, invite your friends!

This picture is from a workout we did on Monday evening that had all the makings of trouble. A true physical and mental challenge that had 6 1/4 mile sprints built in, burpees (modified!), Med ball Slams and KB Snatches. Yes, a recipe for swear words, sweat and a major feeling of accomplishment at the end.
The further I get into this month's Metconmonster challenge, the more I realize how important having some of these particular workouts in the mix are. They of course need to be safe, but there is something to be said for pushing yourself to a limit.
And if you can include your friends to create some competition and encouragement, even better!

See you tomorrow…….S

Monday Rehab: Med Balls Slams, do this….not that!

Let’s keep it simple today……

Med ball slams are an awesome way to work on generating power and sequencing the body.  I use them all the time in all planes, positions, for cardio, power, and to create extreme awesomeness.

They are performed wrong all the time though and it makes me want to scream!  Why are you bending so far over and placing so much leverage on your low back for this exercise?  Why are you putting your head at risk when the med ball bounces back up and almost hits you?

Sometimes exercises are better watched than explained, check it out!

The key to slamming a med ball:  maintain posture at all times!  That’s it, simple as that.  Incorporating them into your workout routine will kick it up a notch, but only if you keep your form in check.

Add a few sets of 10 slams into your next workout and see how you feel!


Day 6

The Metconmonster challenge continues despite some stress and a busy schedule.
The beauty of today's workout:
No equipment needed
It's fast
My heart rate was up
And my legs were burning!

The added bonus was stress relief, this workout took the place of me sitting on the couch admitting defeat after a very rough afternoon.

Give it a try this week!

5 squats
10 pulse squats
15 jump squats
20 burpees

Back at it tomorrow!


Gym Crusher

Just a quick note tonight because it was a crazy day that started at 3:30am thanks to my pup waking me up!
I was tired today, and half way through my tournament it hit me. But I rallied this afternoon and knocked out a challenge workout. My body and mind feel so much better for it.
It would have been much easier to throw in the towel and take a nap, but in this case pushing some weights around was better.

Tonight I rest, tomorrow I tee off early!

Happy Saturday!


A swing story

This golf swing represents so much. It's filled with insecurities, imperfection, doubt, hope, fear, competitiveness, expectations, and years of scars. It's the story of who I was, who I've become and who I will be. But it doesn't define who I am. Golf is a part of my soul, it drives me to fight hard each day and challenge myself to face every fear in my body.
Every time I put the peg in the ground and feel the nerves pump through my heart all the way to my hands, I'm reminded of why I continue to forge a path forward. This game, this swing that has haunted me at so many points in my life, also fills me with love. And that's why I continue to fight so hard for it.
Today in particular on the course was filled with so many positive feelings despite a rough start to the round. I found a level of peace for the first time in 25 years. No longer was I fighting for every shot, but instead I embraced every moment.
The weird part was that it didn't take a low score to achieve this feeling, but instead just a high level of acceptance. Shots that didn't have a great result, still had a positive feel to them.
So tonight I'm saying thank you golf for every bump, bruise, tear, solid shot, smile, fist pump and ounce of joy it's every given me. And thank you for everything it will bring to me in the future 🙂

Sincerely, Shawn

A few of my favorite Kettlebell exercises…

Check out this month’s edition of Golf Today Northwest!  You might recognize a familiar face showing a few awesome kettlebell exercises that are safe for almost everyone.

The kettlebells have quickly become one of my favorite training tools.  They are so versatile and much more comfortable on my hand then the dumbbells.  But the best part is how they can transition from being used as a means to increase the heart rate, to a strength training tool, to stability and even power!  It’s hard to find one piece of equipment that can accomplish so much.

And in case you were looking for a few other ideas on what to do with a kettlebell, here are a few of the exercises I have posted this year on the blog!

#metconmonster Day 4 update:  I took on the “Pull Up Queen” today.  It looks like this…

30 second sprint, 10 pull-ups, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Kettlebell Swings x 8 for time.

Once again, the sweat was pouring in just a short 12 minutes, and I’m pretty sure on that last set of pull-ups, I may or may not have started to feel a little nauseous (I’m puke free since 1993, so it’s going to take a little more than a few pull-ups to make me sick!)

The funny part is that I had every intention of taking today off, but my body felt great and actually was craving a workout.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow especially with 3 days of golf ahead of me.

Happy Friday Eve!


Lessons from kicking and sweating this week!

This video sums right up how frustrating learning a new skill can be. This month we have to work on this specific kick, a jumping front from the back leg with no stepping into it. This means pure ground force has to be generated and a counter movement has to occur to create enough stability to throw the kick. Not to mention you need speed to get the foot out and in!
That statement sums right up what is missing for me physically right now on the golf course. And oddly enough this Metconmonster challenge seems to be shedding more light everyday on where the breakdown exists.
So here is my thought of the day for you all based off of this……
Everyone talks about explosive rotational training for golfers and for some reason a lot of trainers (including myself!) tend to place a higher focus there. But aren't we already rotating up a storm each day practicing and playing? Why on earth do we need to train more rotation? Wouldn't it make more sense to train in other planes of motion?
If I had a runner or cyclist, we would spend more time working laterally to offset the hours they spend working in a linear direction. The same idea is true of golfers, they rotate for hours a day so addressing a linear plane with them is even more important!
What I find interesting is how over the years I have applied this concept to my clients, but not myself.
And this is why daily challenges are proving to be so beneficial. Each day I get a little insight into my own world and into my approach with others.

Crap, I still have to do my glute exercises…….see you tomorrow!