Warm Up Wednesday: Split Stance Style

Last week I showed you a lunge and rotation warm up exercise, so this week I wanted to build upon that with some similar options.

One of the reasons I love lunges or a split stance position is because of the challenge it presents to the core and pelvis.  You can actively stretch the hip flexors, engage the glutes, address asymmetries, rev up the nervous system and combine upper body exercises to create an extra challenge or increase your heart rate.

Here are a few more options that are easy to do on the golf course or driving range!

Split Stance Chop

A few keys:

  • Master your split stance first!  90 degree angles are your best friend, you especially want to make sure your front knee is not in front of the toes.  If the back leg extends too far back, it will block you form engaging the glute
  • Keep the Torso tall
  • Tuck your pelvis under (posterior tilt), this will create a stretch on the hip flexor
  • To increase the stretch and secure the position, engage the glutes!
  • Now add the chopping portion.  Reach for the sky over your forward leg and then reach for the ground away from the same leg.  Include some t-spine rotation with it as well
  • Focus on keeping the lower body stable while the top half moves
  • Start with 15 reps on each side


Split Stance Chop and Balance

A few keys:

  • Just like above, start with a solid split stance position.  It should feel strong and the muscles engaged
  • This time you will reach for the sky, but as you chop towards the group you will drive up into a one leg balance position
  • Remember to breathe out as you drive up, that will help further engage the core muscles
  • When you reach the balance position, make sure you can feel the glute on your standing leg
  • Definitely master your Split Stance Chop before adding in this more dynamic movement
  • Try 10 reps on each side, you’ll feel your heart rate increase on this one!

I’m headed out to watch more practice rounds at the Sony Open today, only a few more days left in paradise……..Have a great day!













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