Let’s Golf!

Since today is one of the first days this year where courses are open and the temps somewhat normal, let’s take a break from the exercises and instead do a putting drill!  This one comes courtesy of the Seattle U Women’s Golf team.  We did this one at practice yesterday and it proved to be a great team exercise.

The goal of all our drills is that it be challenging and rewarding.  This drill could be done alone, but adding the team element creates another layer of pressure.  And any drill that can get the heart rate up, hands trembling and competitive nerves flowing is awesome!

We had 6 players involved with this drill so we started by making 6 quadrants, each about 2-3 feet long.

It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but we took string to better define the zones we were putting to.  The closest zone is number 1 and so on to the longest being 6.

We then marked off a starting point about 15 feet from the first zone.

The first person putts to number 6.  If they make it, the next person goes for 5.  This continues on unless someone misses, then we start all over!  The drill is not complete until all the zones have been hit consecutively.

Just imagine the nerves being the last person in line.  You just have to putt a 15fter in order for everyone to get out of the cold weather and get dinner.  It’s a surprising amount of pressure!



Give this one a try with your friends, you can even add a little more pressure by putting push-ups on the line when a zone is missed.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Congrats to Adam Hadwin on his 59 today, 13 birdies is unreal!!


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