Warm Up Wednesday: The Uneven Farmer Carry

Sometimes preparing the body for activity is not always about mobility.  Yes, leg swings and arm circles are great, but what about stoking the stability fire???

Today I bring you an exercise that most of us do in our daily life without even realizing it.  The purpose, to engage and challenge those stabilizers!

The Farmer Carry is a staple in my training program, and needs to be in yours.  It is as simple as just picking up something heavy and walking around with it.  But for this week’s Warm Up Wednesday, I wanted to share with you a variation that I like because of the unilateral challenge it provides.

The Uneven Farmer Carry

A few keys:

  • To start, pick up the weight with good form.  In the video, I am using standard suitcase carry form making sure to breath out as I pick the weight up off the ground
  • Your goal is to walk around with the weight keeping your shoulders and hips as level as possible
  • Feel as though your shoulder blades are dropping into your back pockets as you walk around
  • Once you ready to switch, once again revert back to that great squat form to lower the weight back down and bring it back up on the other side
  • When I use this in my warm up, I will do several sets walking around for about 20 seconds each set

Now, you don’t have to have a weight or kettlebell in order to do this one.  I have been known to pick up my golf bag and walk around the driving range!

I happened to use this one today before my golf lesson, and I have to say my core felt much more engaged.  Let me know if you feel the same!


P.S.  In honor of April being my birthday month, and also the official start of my mid 30’s, we’re going to switch gears!  The entire month of April will be full of daily workouts including the dreaded Birthday workout on the 13th.  That’s right, 35 exercises, 35 reps…….it’s going to be awesome! Start preparing! 🙂

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