It’s a Kettlebell week in Kansas City!

I woke up in Kansas City this morning to a glorious site…..a fitness center at our hotel with Kettlebells!!  That means I am guaranteed a good week of workouts, and what better way to deal with a time change then to get up early and lift something heavy!

Here is what I did this morning:

  • One arm racked kettlebell squat:  I love this exercise because of the lateral challenge it presents.  The offset weight makes me work harder to stay balanced which is always a win.  For this circuit I did 5 reps on each side.
  • Pushups:  You just can’t go wrong with them…..well, there are a lot of ways to perform them wrong, but if you choose the correct level and are diligent on your form, they are the best.  In the words of Jen Sinkler “do as many as pretty”.
  • Kettlebell Swing:  I’m still working on perfecting these, but here are some of the coaching cues that are helping.  Start with the weight out in front of you and squat down to start the momentum.  Once the weight swings back, fire the glutes and hips to power the kettlebell up, your arms have nothing to do with it!  I let my head follow the motion versus looking straight forward the entire time, your neck will thank me.  20 Reps total here.
  • One Arm Row:  I did this on one foot today because I wanted to add a challenge to my ankles.  With the uneven weight, it puts your foot in a position to resist eversion.  Maintain solid posture and let your free arm work with the motion to better feel the rotation.  10 Reps on each side will do the trick!
  • Sprint:  Because why not.  1 min total

I went through this 5 times with no break and definitely had one of those good sweats going where about an hour after I had a George Costanza moment.  “George likes his chicken spicy!”

See you tomorrow!


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