Another day, another KB workout in Kansas City!

Back up at 6am this morning to hit the Kettlebells again!  Today I chose 6 exercises and divided them up to make two mini circuits.  It went a little something like this……

Round 1 (Repeat 4x)

  • One Arm Press on the floor (8 reps each, make it challenging):  To have success with this exercise, you must work hard to maintain that neutral spine and resist the rotation!  Make sure to lower your arm at a 45 degree angle and to place your feet at a width that feels challenging but still doable.
  • Kettlebell Clean (10 reps):  Basically my new favorite exercise of all time.  Drive from the ground to power the KB up and then quickly switch your grip to catch it.  This should be all about using the legs, especially the glutes to create force.
  • Dead Bugs (10 reps):  I showed you a few variations on these earlier this week so thought I would put them in to add a little more core stabilization.

Round 2 (Repeat 4x)

  • One Arm Kettlebell Swing (10 each side):  Again, I’m still perfecting these.  Anytime weight is swinging out and away from my body I have to hold on for dear life.  So basically every time I swing a golf club.  That is why I am pushing myself to get better at the swings!  One arm provides an extra challenge but your form is still the same.  Get those glutes firing!
  • Plank Pull Through (10 Reps):  A little more stabilization with the added bonus of some t-spine rotation.  Focus on maintaining that neutral spine as you reach across.  My abs starting burning big time on these!
  • Farmer March (10 each side):  This could be one of the greatest exercises of all time that no one is doing.  Basically pick up something heavy and do a slow motion march maintaining posture.  I bet you can’t stay balanced!  If you have not done these before, you need them in your training program asap!

So that was it, only 6 exercises but wow did they cover a lot of bases.  I’m looking forward to what the morning brings, see you then!


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